Posted on: February 25, 2012 3:33 pm

Lin and Tebow

  Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow were able to produce right away for one simple reason.  The techniques they used are abnormal in professional sports.  Tebow ran the ball from the quarterback position right up the gut; which hasn't been seen since the fifties.  Lin was playing pro basketball like he was still in high school.  Both techniques worked initially because it is like a foreign language to the pros.  However; given the fact they are professionals, they were able to adjust to take both players out of the equation.  Tebow should not be a starting quarterback and Lin should not be the starting point guard.  They are both good coming off the bench as a change of pace; however Tebow would be overpriced in this roll.  Leave it to Josh Mcdaniels............Lin was just a product of bad luck on the Knicks; now they should use their brains and put Baron Davis back in.  You cannot turn the ball over eight times and expect to win. 
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